Cyber Toons

What are Cyber Toons?                            Malory small

The Cyber Toons are designed to introduce various security concepts in a fun and easy to understand format.  The Cyber Toons feature the Cyber Family along with a cast of characters (good and bad).  Each Cyber Toon is around 1 to 3 minutes in length and is prefect for starting a class discussion.  The Cyber Toons are divided into different topic areas where some topics have multiple Cyber Toons.  For each of the Cyber Toons we are working to provide in class discussion questions that can be used to help facilitate in class conversations about the topic.  For each topic area we are working to provide a set of in-class activities and simple assessments.

Other Information

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List of current Cyber Toons

TopicDescriptionVideo Links
Character IntroductionsMeet the Cyber Family, some of their friends, and some of their adversaries. [3:19]YouTube
Wireless Sniffing at the AirportArriving home from a business trip, Carol discovers that her bank account has been compromised. What happened? [1:22]YouTube
Alice’s BullyAlice receives threatening messages on an anonymous messaging application. Can anybody help her? [1:52]YouTube
Alice’s Devious DownloadWhoops! Alice has accidentally downloaded malware onto her mom's computer. What now? [1:50]YouTube

Alice Meets MalwareAn unknown website wants Alice to download a new video player. What should she do? [2:11]YouTube

Carol Shops OnlineCarol goes shopping and discovers some deals that may be too good to be true. [2:29]YouTube

Too Much InformationA prospective employer searches for David online. What will she find? [1:53]YouTube

Bob’s Malicious EmailBob receives an urgent email, but something about it seems fishy. [2:29]YouTube
Oscar Pays to PlayOscar makes in-game purchases with his mom's credit card. Who will pay? [1:44]YouTube
Bob’s Toxic AttachmentBob receives an urgent email with a suspicious attachment. What should he do? [1:41]YouTube
Travel TroubleThe Cybers take a trip while Burglar Bob takes everything else. [1:24]YouTube
Wireless Sniffing at a CaféDave regularly uses the WiFi at a local cafe. It seems harmless, but he should watch out for that unsecured connection. [3:02]YouTube